Chapter History

The History of Eta Lambda

In the winter of 1976, Barry Griffin approached several other black male students about bringing an Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. chapter to the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) campus in Blacksburg, Virginia.  Many fraternity leaders did not wish to travel so far for only a few interested individuals.  After meeting with Barry Griffin, Dr. William Young, a biology professor and a brother (Bro.) initiated at Rho chapter (Johnson C. Smith University), agreed to become the chapter advisor.

Finally, in October of 1977, Third District Representative Bro. Charles Chambliss held the first Smoker on Virginia Tech’s campus.  The interesting aspect of the first open Smoker was more women attended than men.  At the Smoker, Bro. Chambliss told all interested men to present their case for the establishment of a chapter during the 1978 Third District meeting in Natural Bridge, Va.  Three young earnest individuals: Barry Griffin, Stan Harris and Peter Holmes set out on a road trip to seek Omega.  After a two-hour journey, Bro. Chambliss met with them and told them he would discuss their case with the Third District leadership.  After traveling two hours, the enthusiastic undergrads wanted to plead their own case! Bro. Chambliss told them to go back to Blacksburg and wait.  They left with great anticipation.

Before the end of the following spring quarter in 1978, Bro. Alfred Prunty of the Gamma Alpha Chapter in Roanoke, Virginia contacted the three enthusiasts.  He informed them that they needed to get all paperwork together for a fall 1978 pledge line.  In October 1978, Gamma Alpha inducted Rick Monroe, Stan Harris, Barry Griffin, Peter Holmes, D.K. Brockett, Darrell Davis and Wayne Robinson into its Lampados Club.  The line name was Genesis.

On January 26, 1979, Stan Harris, Barry Griffin, Peter Holmes and D.K. Brockett crossed the burning sands.  On January 30, 1979, Rick Monroe was initiated.  Though three more members were necessary to create a charter, the new brothers conducted all fraternity business under the name The Omegas of Blacksburg.  The officers were: Bro. Barry Griffin, Basileus; Bro. Peter Holmes, Vice-Basileus; Bro. Stan Harris, Keeper of Records and Seals; and Bro. D. K. Brockett, Keeper of Finance.

The first pledge line of the Omegas of Blacksburg was the duo of Boo-Boo and Sir Laugh A Lot otherwise known as Dennis Scott and Larry Fallen.  They were initiated into the fold on May 27, 1979.  On September 22, 1979, Wayne Robinson, was initiated.  The Omegas of Blacksburg now had the eight men necessary to officially establish an undergraduate chapter.  Third District Representative Bro. Kenny Brown officially chartered the Eta Lambda Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. on September 22, 1979.  The first chapter officers were: Bro. Stanley Alvin Harris, Basileus; Bro. Barry Ivan Griffin, Vice-Basileus; Bro. Peter Everett Holmes, Keeper of Records and Seals; Bro. Donald Keith Brockett, Keeper of Finance and Bro. Ricky David Monroe, Keeper of the Peace.